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The XJCD Website

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What is the XJCD?

Members Of the XJ Owners Group have donated their time, blood, sweat and sleep to produce a CD of "Everything XJ". This is a not-for-profit endeavour for private study and educational purposes. Access to these materials is restricted to members of the XJOG. Membership is free, the only restriction is that you should own or otherwise have interest in at least one of the XJ series motorcycles produced by Yamaha.

Engine Removal

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NOTE: -------------------------------------------------

It is not necessary to remove the engine in order to remove the cylinder head, cylinder, or pistons.

A . Preparation for RemovalĀ 

US Residents

Submitted by Brad Bowen on Mon, 10/20/2008 - 20:56

Send US$10.00 to:

Brad Bowen
4531 River Rd
Arlington VT

Note that Brad is a busy boy. So when it comes to choosing between riding and answering e-mails, riding usually wins. However, when your order arrives, he's perfectly willing to ride over to the post office to mail it! And before you ask: No, Brad no longer accepts Paypal. They caused too many problems.

Now available! The XJCD v4.0

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New for version 4

- expanded coverage of Diversion models
- expanded coverage of Police models
- expanded coverage of Injection model
- expanded coverage of the 750J Maxim
- improved resolution for many other models
- all-new XRef -- the parts cross-reference database. (Java application)
- new ads and articles
- many more tips and tricks

So much information, it is a 3 volume set!

What is the XJCD?