Engine Removal

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NOTE: -------------------------------------------------

It is not necessary to remove the engine in order to remove the cylinder head, cylinder, or pistons.

A . Preparation for Removal 

1 All dirt, mud, dust and foreign material should be thoroughly removed from the exterior of the engine before removal and disassembly. This will help prevent any harmful foreign material from getting into the engine oil.

2.    Before the engine removal and disassembly, be sure that you have the proper tools and cleaning equipment so that you can perform a clean and efficient job.

3.    During disassembly of the engine, clean and place all of the parts in trays in order of disassembly. This will speed up assembly time and help insure correct reinstall-action of all the engine parts.

4.   Place the motorcycle on its center stand. Start the engine and allow it to warm up. Stop the engine and drain the engine and middle gear oil.

5 . Remove the oil filter element from the crankcase. 

6. Remove the left and right side covers.

B. Seat and Fuel Tank

1.    Turn the fuel petcock to "ON".

2.    Remove the seat and the fuel tank holding bolt. Lift the rear end of the duel tank and disconnect the fuel pipes and vacuum pipe from the petcock.

3. Remove the tool tray.

C. Mufflers 

1 Remove the rear brake pedal. 

2. Remove the exhaust pipe holding nuts from the cylinder head.

3, Loosen the clamp bolts securing the muffler joints.

4. Remove the bolts holding the right and left mufflers to the muffler bracket and remove the left and right mufflers.

D. Battery Case

1. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal then remove the positive battery plate. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the battery case holding bolts and remove the battery case.

E. Air Cleaner Case

1, Remove the ignitor unit mounting board securing screw and disconnect all connectors. Remove the board assembly.

2. Remove the clamps holding the carburetors to the air cleaner case and intake manifolds. Remove the crankcase ventilation hose at the air cleaner case.

3. Remove the bolts holding the air cleaner case to the frame (left and upper)


The engine ground wire is secured together with left side holding bolt.

4.    Remove the starter (CHOKE) cable from the carburetor.

5.    Remove the air cleaner joint rubbers and pull the carburetor assembly to the rear.

6.   Disconnect the throttle cable from the carburetor throttle lever and remove the carburetor assembly to the right.

F. Wiring and Cables 

1. Disconnect the clutch cable at the crank-case side.

2. Remove the spark plug lead wires and the tachometer cable.

3. Disconnect the electric starter cable at the starter relay switch.

1. Starter relay switch 2. Electric starter cable

4. Disconnect the pick-up coil and ACG lead wire couplers. Position the disconnect lead wires so that they can be safely removed.

— CAUTION:----------------------------------—

The ACG lead, starter cable, and pickup lead are clamped at the upper cross tube of the frame. Do not forget to remove this clamp before removing the engine.

1. Clamp

5. Remove the horn and flasher relay.

G. Drive Shaft Joint

1 Remove the coil spring holding the rubber boot.

2.    Pull the rubber boot from the drive shaft coupling to expose the joint bolts.

3.    Remove the joint bolts on the drive

H. Engine Removal

1. Remove the front engine mounting bolts and nuts. Remove the brackets.

1. Front engine mounting bolts 2. Engine stay


It is advisable to hold the engine with a suitable garage jack before removing the engine mounting bolts and nuts.

2. Remove the rear engine mounting bolt and right and left footrests. Remove the brake pedal and right side muffler bracket holding bolt and remove the muffler bracket assembly.

3. Slide the engine forward slightly and remove the engine to the right.


Position a box or other support to the right side of the motorcycle for the assistance when removing the engine.