Cam chain, cam sprockets and chain tensioner.

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a. Rotate each cam shaft until the dot on the cam is aligned with the arrow on the center cam cap.

Use extreme caution when rotating the cams. Two possible dangers exist. First, the wrench may contact the head and fracture it. Or second, a valve may become bent if the cam is turned the wrong way.

b.  Carefully lift the cam chain from the exhaust cam sprocket and pull upward to remove any slack in the chain between the crankshaft and the exhaust cam sprocket. With all slack removed, place the chain back on the cam sprocket.

c.   Grip each sprocket simultaneously and place them on the camshaft shoulders while continuing to keep tension on the chain from the crankshaft to the exhaust sprocket.

Use only the special hardened shouldered bolts to install the cam chain sprockets to the cams.

Make sure the rollers of the cam chain are centered on both chain guides.

d. Rotate the sprockets slightly to align the bolt holes and insert one special bolt in each sprocket.

Tighten only finger tight at this time.

e. Install the center chain guide.

1. Cam chain guide

f. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise and align the "C" mark on the timing plate with the timing pointer.

g. Compress the cam chain tensioner and lock in the retracted position.

h. Install the chain tensioner to the engine and torque the bolts to the specification.

Tightening torque: 1.0 m-kg (7.2 ft-lb)

L Release the tensioner holding bolt, an audible click will be heard when the tensioner is released.

j. Torque the holding bolt and the lock nut to the specifications.

Holding bolt torque: 0.6 m-kg (4.3 ft-lb)

Lock nut torque: 0.9 m-kg (6.5 ft-lb)

k. Rotate the crankshaft more than one full revolution and align the "T" mark on the timing plate with the timing pointer. With the crankshaft at the "T" mark, the dots on the cams should be aligned with the raised arrows on the center cam caps. If they are not aligned, disassemble the sprockets and chain tensioner and repeat above procedures.

I. Rotate the crankshaft and install the two remaining shoulder bolts into the cam sprockets. Torque all four sprocket holding bolts to the specification.

Be sure to attain the specified torque value to avoid the possibility of these bolts coming loose and causing serious damage to the engine.

Tightening torque: 2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb)

m. Adjust all valves as described in the "PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND ADJUSTMENTS".

n. Install the cylinder head cover with a new gasket.

o. Install the left crankcase covers. The left crankcase cover (pick-up coil cover) is required a gasket.