Other Lubrication points

Other Lubrication points
xjcdadmin Thu, 06/27/2013 - 10:26

Cable inspection and lubrication

WARNING: Damage to the outer housing of the various cables, may cause corrosion and often free movement will be obstructed. An unsafe condition may result so replace such cables as soon as possible.

Lubricate the inner cable and cable end. If they do not operate smoothly, replace them.

Recommended lubricant: SAE 10W30 motor oil

Throttle cable and grip lubrication

The throttle twist grip assembly should be greased when the cable is lubricated, since the grip must be removed to get at the end of the throttle cable. Two screws clamp the throttle housing to the handlebar. Once these two are removed, the end of the cable can be held high to pour in several drops of lubricant. With the throttle grip disassembled, coat the metal surface of the grip assembly with a suitable all-purpose grease to cut down friction.

Rear arm pivot bearings

The swing arm must pivot freely on its bearings but not have any excess play. Check and adjust pivot bearings if necessary. (Refer to CHAPTER 5. SWING ARM).

Brake and change pedals/brake and clutch levers

Lubricate the pivoting parts of each lever and pedal.

Recommended lubricants: SAE 10W30 motor oil

Center and side stand pivots

Lubricate the center and side stands at their pivot points.

Recommended lubricants: SAE 10W30 motor oil