750ML (Midnight)


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E. Battery

1. Checking

If the battery shows the following defects, it should be replaced.

a.   The battery voltage will not rise to a specific value or no gassing occurs in any cell even after many hours of charging.

b.  Sulfation of one or more cells is indicated by the plates turning white or an accumulation of material in the bottom of the cell.


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D. Switches

Switches may be checked for continuity with a pocket tester on the "ohm x 1" position.

1. Main switch

Switch Poiition

Wire Color



Front Brake Caliper and Master Cylinder

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1. Remove the caliper brake hose. Allow fluid in the caliper assembly to drain into a container.

2.    Place the open hose end into the container and pump the old fluid out carefully.

3.    Remove the caliper mounting bolt and the pad retaining bolt.

4.    Remove the caliper assembly from the caliper frame.

5.    Remove the dust seal.