Remounting the Engine

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D. Remounting Engine

Refer to page 30 for engine removal. Reverse the applicable removal steps.


Always use new bolts in the drive shaft coupling.

2. Install and tighten the engine mounting bolts.

Engine mounting bolt torque:

8 mm bolt:

2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb)

10 mm bolt:

4.2 m-kg (30.4 ft-lb)

12 mm bolt:

7.0 m-kg (50.6 ft-lb)

3. Fill the oil filter with approx. 0.3 lit (0.3 qt.) engine oil and install the oil filter.


The filter must be filled with the specified amount of oil to prime the oil pump of an overhauled engine.

4. Tighten engine oil drain plug, oil filter mounting bolt, and middle drain plug.


Engine oil drain plug:

4.3 m-kg (31.0 ft-lb) Oil filter mounting bolt:

1.5 m-kg (11.0 ft-lb) Middle gear drain plug:

2.4 m-kg (17.5 ft-lb)

5. Add oil to the engine.

Engine oil: 2.9 lit (3.1 USqt.)