Sidestand Relay and Switch

Submitted by xjcdadmin on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 20:01

Sidestand relay operation

The sidestand relay operates by shorting the TCI control current. When the sidestand is down, the sidestand relay is closed, and the TCI control current is grounded through the sidestand relay. Thus, the engine will not run with the sidestand down unless the transmission is in neutral.

Sidestand relay inspection

1. Open the seat, and remove the fuel tank,

2.    Remove the sidestand relay from the frame, and disconnect the connector.

1. Sidestand relay

3. Check the resistance of the relay coil windings with the pocket tester. If the resistance is not within specification, replace the relay.

4. Check the relay contact breaker points with the pocket tester and a 12 volt battery. Connect the leads as shown in the illustration. If the resistance readings do not equal those shown in the illustration, replace the relay.

Sidestand switch inspection

1.    Remove the seat and side cover (R). Disconnect the connector from the wiring harness.

2.   Connect the pocket tester leads as shown, and set the tester selector to ohm x 1. When the sidestand is up, the tester should read zero ohms. When the sidestand is down, the tester should read infinity.