Steering Head Bearings

Submitted by xjcdadmin on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 10:26

Steering head adjustment

1. Raise the front end of the motorcycle so that there is no weight on the front wheel.

WARNING: Securely support the motorcycle so there is no danger of it falling over.

2. Grasp the bottom of the forks and gently rock the fork assembly backward and forward, checking for looseness in the steering assembly bearings.

3. If there is looseness in the steering head, loosen the steering fitting bolt

1. Steering fitting bolt 2. Steering fitting nut

4. Use steering nut wrench to loosen top steering fitting nut. The top nut serves as a lock nut.

1. Steering nut wrench

5.      Tighten the lower steering fitting nut until the steering head is tight but does not bind when forks are turned.

6.      Retighten the top steering fitting nut and steering fitting bolt.

7.      Recheck steering adjustment to make sure there is no binding when the forks are moved from lock to lock. If necessary, repeat adjustment procedure.