Steering Head

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A. Adjustment

Refer to "D. Reassembly" (below) for steering head adjustment procedure.

B. Removal

1.    Remove the front wheel, front forks and handlebars.

2.    Remove the front brake pipe junction.

3. Loosen the steering stem (upper bracket) pinch bolt.

4. Remove the stem bolt and steering crown.

5. Remove the top fitting nut (ring nut).

6.   Support the steering stem (under bracket) and remove the bottom fitting nut (ring nut).

7.    Remove the top bearing race and all of the bearing balls from the upper bearing

Ball quantity (upper and lower): 38 pieces.

C. Inspection

1.   Wash the bearings in solvent.

2.    Inspect the bearings for pitting or other damage. Replace the bearings if pitted or damaged. Replace the races when bearing balls are replaced.

3.    Clean and inspect the bearing races. Spin the bearings by hand. If the bearings are not smooth in their operation in the races, replace bearing balls and races.

1. Bearing race

D. Reassembly

1. Grease the bearings and races with wheel bearing race.

2.    Install the steering stem (under bracket), bearing balls, and races.

3.    Install the bottom fitting nut. Tighten it to approximately 2.5 m-kg (18 ft-lb) and loosen it approximately 1/4 turn.

4.    While holding the bottom fitting nut with the ring nut wrench, tighten the top fitting nut securely.

5.    Continue reassembly in the reverse of disassembly order.

6.   When assembly is complete, check the steering stem by turning it from lock to lock. If there is any binding or looseness, readjust the steering stem tightness.

Pinch bolt torque: 2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb)

Steering stem bolt torque 5.4 m-kg (39.1 ft-lb)