Transmission Assembly

Submitted by xjcdadmin on Fri, 06/18/2010 - 01:46

1. Upper crankcase

a. Install the connecting rods onto the crankshaft with the proper connecting rod bearings and apply molybedenum disulfide grease to the bolt threads. Apply torque evenly to both ends of the cap.

While tightening, if a torque of 2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb) or more is reached, DO NOT STOP tightening until final torque is reached.
If tightening is interrupted between 2.0
m-kg and 2.5 m-kg, loosen the nut to less than 2.0 m-kg and start again. Tighten to full torque specification without pausing.

Rod cap torque: 2.5 m-kg (18.0 ft-lb)

b. Install the proper crankshaft main bearings into the crankcase and place the crankshaft. Oil the bearings liberaly.

Do not forget to install the crankshaft oil seal (L.H.), blind plug (R.H.), "HY-VO" chain and cam chain on the crankshaft before installing. Also, install the chain guide into upper crankcase if removed.

c. Install the starter idle gear, shaft, stopper plate, and new lock plate. Tighten the bolt securely, and bend the lock tabs along the bolt flats.

Tightening torque: 1.0 m-kg (7.2 ft-lb)

d. Put the starter clutch and sprocket assembly in the "HY-VO" chain and lay it into the crankcase.

e. Install the A.C.G. Generator shaft into the starter clutch assembly.

f. Install the "HY-VO" chain oil spray nozzle. Do not forget to install the new "O-ring" onto the nozzle.

g. Install the new "O-ring" onto the bearing housing and install it with the panhead screw.

2. Lower crankcase a. Install the shift cam and secure it with the guide pin. Install the stopper plate and bolt and tighten securely.

b.   Install the neutral switch.

c.   Install the shift forks and guide bar. Each shift fork is identified by a number cast on its side. All the numbers should face the left side and numbered 1, 2 and 3 from left.

d. Install the shift bar stopper securing screw and bolt.

e. Install the transmission assembly into the crankcase, Next, install the HY-VO chain tensioner and chain guide.

When installing the crankcase, make sure the HY-VO chain tensioner is set in place with its plunger in the proper position; otherwise, a dislodged plunger will result in damage to various part after crankcase installation.