Gear Lash Measurement and Adjustment

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The middle gear lash can be checked only when the gears are installed in the crankcase.

1. Attach: 
• Middle Drive Pinion Holder (90890-04051) 1 .

Before installing the tool, loosen the holder bolt all the way out and after installation tighten this bolt as tight as necessary (finger tight is generally sufficient).

2.  Attach a dial gauge against the middle drive flange as shown

3.  Measure middle gear lash by rotating the flange gently back and forth. Follow Gear Lash Adjustment procedure if lash is not within specified limits.

Middle Gear Lash: 0.1 - 0.2 mm (0.004 - 0.008 in)

NOTE: Check this engagement at 4 points. If the gear lash exceeds the specified limit and adjustment is necessary, the engine or swing arm should be removed from the motorcycle.


1. Install the driven gear housing assembly into the crankcase leaving about a 2 mm (0.080 in) gap 1 between the housing and crankcase and install the two bolts 2 to the bearing housing 180° opposite to each other.

2.  Attach:
• Middle Drive Pinion Holder (90890-04051)1 .
• Dial gauge

3.  Slowly tighten the bolts alternately until the dial gauge lash measurement reaches 0.2 mm (0.008 in).

4. Measure the clearance between the bearing housing and the crankcase. This clearance is the shim size required.

5.  Install the proper sized shim(s) 1

6.  Tighten the bearing housing.

Bearing Housing: 25 Nm (2.5 mkg, 18 ft-lb)

7. Recheck the middle gear lash. Readjust if necessary.