Lower Crankcase Disassembly

Lower Crankcase Disassembly xjcdadmin Thu, 04/23/2009 - 15:15

L. Lower Crankcase

1.    Remove the dowel pin and "O-ring".

2.    Remove the shift fork guide bar and shift forks. The shift forks are identified by numbers cast on their sides.

3.    Remove the bolt securing the shift cam locating pin and remove the stopper plate and locating pin.

4.    Remove the neutral switch.

1. Shift cam locating pin   2. Neutral switch

5.   Pull out the shift cam.

6.    Remove the driven shaft bearing cover holding screws and remove the bearing cover.

7. Remove the bearing and 5th wheel gear from the driven shaft and pull out the driven shaft assembly.

1. 5th wheel gear