650K (Maxim)

TCI Identification

The following is a guide to determing if a used TCI is appropriate for a given machine:


Cleaning the Hitachi Carb

This series assumes you took the carbs apart, and are trying to figure out how to put them back together again. If you haven’t taken them apart yet, it’s a good idea to skim through this first anyway. Address any questions to: xj-owners@micapeak.com, and we’ll try to talk you through it.


Pictures and text by Dwayne Verhey


Diode Block

Diode block

1. Remove the headlight, and remove the diode block from the wiring harness.

2. Check each diode and resistor in the diode block. If any diode in the resistor is not within specification, replace the diode block.

Sidestand Relay and Switch

Sidestand relay operation

The sidestand relay operates by shorting the TCI control current. When the sidestand is down, the sidestand relay is closed, and the TCI control current is grounded through the sidestand relay. Thus, the engine will not run with the sidestand down unless the transmission is in neutral.

Sidestand relay inspection

Chassis Maintenance

Fuel Petcock


If the fuel petcock is leaking or excessively contaminated, it should be removed from the fuel tank and inspected.

1.    Remove the fuel tank and position it so that fuel will not spill when the petcock is removed.

2.    Remove the petcock and inspect the filter screen. Replace the filter if seriously contaminated.

Electric Starting System


A. Circuit Diagram

Above circuit diagram shows starter circuit in wiring diagram.

B. Starter Motor

1.    Removal (see CHAPTER 3. "ENGINE DISASSEMBLY")

2.    Inspection and repair

Cylinder Head and Camshaft Reassembly

12. Cylinder head and Cam shafts

a. Install the new cylinder head gasket. Install the dowel pins and "O-rings". Locate the cam chain cavity cylinder seal with the tabs down.

b.   Install the cylinder head onto the cylinder. Pull the cam chain through the cylinder head as it is installed. Tie the cam chain so that it does not fall into the crankcase.

Engine Maintenance


A. Valve Clearance Adjustment


Valve clearance must be measured with the engine and at room temperature.

1.    Remove the seat and fuel tank.

2.    Remove the horn, flasher relay, and spark plug lead wires.


Proper periodic maintenance is important. Especially important are the maintenance services
related to emissions control. These controls not only function to ensure cleaner air but
are also vital to proper engine operation and maximum performance. In the following tables
of periodic maintenance, the services related to emissions control are grouped separately.

Periodic maintenance emission control system

XJ650J/K (Maxim) Service Manual