Engine and Transmission

Remounting the Engine


1.      Refer to engine removal. Reverse those removal steps that apply.

2.      Tighten:

• Engine mount bolts

Engine Mounting Bolt: 

Front, upper: 4.2 m-kg (30 ft-lb) 

Rear: 9.0 m-kg (65 ft-lb) 

Middle Gear Adjustment


C. Middle Gear Servicing

1.    Disassembly

Refer to page 39 for disassembly.

2.    Inspection

Refer to page 52 for inspection.

3.    Gear lash check


Cylinder Head and Camshaft Reassembly

Cylinder head and Cam shafts

a. Install the new cylinder head gasket. Install the dowel pins and "O-rings". Locate the cam chain cavity cylinder seal with the tabs down.

b.   Install the cylinder head onto the cylinder. Pull the cam chain through the cylinder head as it is installed. Tie the cam chain so that it does not fall into the crankcase.

Pistons and Cylinder Reassembly

Pistons and Cylinder

a. Install the piston rings onto the pistons. Manufacturer's marks or numbers are located on the top side of the rings.

Install the pistons on the rods. Always use new piston pin clips (1).  The arrow on the piston (2) must point to the front of the engine.

Generator, Starter and Pick-up Coil Reassembly

8. A.C. Generator

a. Install the rotor onto the shaft and tighten the bolt using the rotor holding tool (special tool) as shown.

1. Rotor holding tool

Tightening torque: 5.5 m-kg (39.8 ft-lb)

b. Install the stator coil assembly onto the crankcase and align the grooves on the stator core with the bolt holes on the crankcase.

Middle Gear and Shifter Reassembly

6. Middle gear (installation only, refer to _tbd__ for the middle gear adjustment)

a. Install the middle drive gear assembly with the proper size of shim(s) and secure it with the bearing retainers and new "TORX" screws.

Tightening torque: 2.5 m-kg (18 ft-lb)

1. Shims

b. Stake the screw heads to the dents on the bearing retainers with a center punch.

Clutch Reassembly

 Clutch assembly

a. Install the thrust plate onto the transmission main axle.

1. Thrust plate

b. Install the oil pump drive sprocket onto the main axle without the spacer collar and place the oil pump drive chain on its sprocket.

Lower Crankcase Reassembly

1 a.   Install the shift cam and secure it with the guide pin. Install the stopper plate and bolt and tighten securely.

b.   Install the neutral switch. Torque to 2.0 m-kg (14 ft-lb).

c. Install the transmission drive axle assembly into the crankcase.

Upper Crankcase Reassembly


A. Important Information

1.    Gasket and seal

All gaskets and seals should be replaced when an engine is overhauled. All gasket surfaces and oil seal lips must be cleaned.

2.    Properly oil all mating engine and transmission parts and bearings during reassembly.

3.    Circlip

Middle Gear -- Inspection and Repair

P. Middle Gear

1. Damper disassembly


Disassembly of the middle gear damper requires the damper compressor (special tool) and a hydraulic press.