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You can now save yourself the postage and materials charge by downloading the XJCD v4.0 and burning it yourself! The following .iso files are used by your favourite CD burning program to produce the repective volumes of the 3 CD set, or you can use 3rd party software to mount the .iso directly as a virtual CD. Right click and "Save As":


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Repairing Second Gear

Note: this fix does require mechanical ability and judgement. If you have never done anything like this before, you may decide to disassemble the transmission yourself (hey, everyone has to start somewhere) but I suggest you seek out the assistance of someone with some mechanical experience once you get inside. Just changing/repairing the gears may not be enough.

Problem: The transmission kicks and jumps out of second gear, under load. This rapidly gets worse and soon the bike won't take second gear at all.


Bench Checking Fuel Levels

A simple check of the float levels can be done on the bike, with the bike properly leveled on the centre stand, etc. Adjusting them is best done off the bike.


Replacement TCI Transistors

The original transistors used in our Transistor Controlled Ignition igniter boxes are Fuji made ETD41-035. They were discontinued many years ago.

ETD41-035 transistor

Various sources dedicated to old Yamaha motorcycles such as the Vision and the Virago suggest that the MJE5742 is a drop-in replacement.


TCI Repair

For many years my Police Special had a very nasty habit of dying like I had hit the kill switch.
It never sputtered first and would almost always do it within the first 1 km from my home.

MAIDS Report

Several years ago the ACEM conducted the Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study. Attached is the final draft of that report. It should be required reading for all motorcyclists!

Replacing Ignition Wires in Stock Coils

This is the 5th set of Yamaha coils (4 XJ sets and this MaximX set) I have repaired this way. I have tested a set (engine running) with the full force of a pressure washer. I highly recommend this to anyone who is having problems in wet weather. Net cost is about CDN$10 per set -- 30 if you buy new NGK resistor caps too. Compare that to the cost of a new set of coils!


The Art of Keeping Warm and Dry (at 100kph)

The Art of Keeping Warm and Dry at 100kph.                Dwayne Verhey

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