550RK (Seca/Euro)

TCI Identification

The following is a guide to determing if a used TCI is appropriate for a given machine:


Drive Chain and Wheels

Drive chain

1. Drive chain tension check

Before checking and/or adjusting, rotate the rear wheel through several revolutions and check the tension several times to find the tightest point. Check and/or adjust chain tension with rear wheel in this "tight chain" position.

Ignition Timing

1. Ignition timing is checked with a timing light by observing the position of the stationary pointer and the marks stamped on the timing plate.

The timing plate is marked as follows:

"n"— Firing range for No. 1 (L.H.) cylinder

"T" ....Top Dead Center for No. 1 (L.H.) and No. 4 (R.H.) cylinders.

2.    Connect the timing light to No. 1 (L.H.) spark plug lead wire.

Oil Pump and Clutch

Oil pump

1. Check the clearance between housing and outer rotor.

Standard clearance:

0.09 ~ 0.15 mm (0.0035 ~ 0.0059 in)

2. Check the clearance between outer rotor and inner rotor.

Standard clearance: 0.03 ~ 0.09 mm (0.0012 ~ 0.0035 in)

3. Check the plunger for scrathces and wear.

Fuel Petcock

If the fuel petcock is
leaking or excessively contaminated, it should be removed from the fuel
tank and inspected.

Remove the fuel tank and position it so that fuel will not spill when
the petcock is removed.

Remove the petcock and inspect the filter screen. Replace the filter if
seriously contaminated.

Valve Clearance Adjustment

A. Valve clearance adjustment

Valve clearance must be measured with the engine and at room temperature.

1.    Open the seat and remove the fuel tank.

2.    Remove the flasher relay and spark plug lead wires.


Clutch assembly

a. Install the primary drive gear and collar.

Tightening torque: 5.0 m-kg (36.0 ft-lb)

b- Install the primary driven gear assembly.

c. Install the clutch boss and thrust plate.

Spark Plug

1. Check the electrode condition and wear, insulator color and electrode gap.

2.    Use a wire gauge for measuring the plug gap.

3.    If the electrodes become too worn, replace the spark plug.

4.    When installing the plug, always clean the gasket surface. Wipe off any grime that might be present on the surface of the spark plug, and torque the spark plug properly.

Clutch and Oil Pump


1. Remove right crankcase cover.

2. Release the tension evenly on the 6 mm bolts and remove the clutch pressure plate and clutch springs.

3.    Remove the friction plates and clutch plates.

Clutch Adjustment

Free play adjustment

a.   Loosen either the handlebar lever adjuster lock nut or the cable length adjuster lock nut.

b.  Turn the cable length adjuster either in or out until proper lever free play is achieved.

Clutch lever free play:

2 - 3mm (0.08 ~ 0.12 in)