550RH (Seca/Euro)

Remounting Engine

Refer to Engine Removal. Reverse the applicable removal steps.

Always use new bolts in the drive shaft coupling.

2. Install and tighten the engine mounting bolts.

Engine mounting bolt torque:

10 mm nut: 4.2 m-kg (30.5 ft-lb)

10 mm bolt: 4.2 m-kg (30.5 ft-lb)

Inspection and Adjustment

1.    Examine the carburetor body and fuel passages. If contaminated, wash the carburetor in a petroleum-based solvent. Do not use caustic carburetor cleaning solutions. Blow out all passages and jets with compressed air.

2.    Examine the condition of the floats. If the floats are damaged, they should be replaced.

3.    Inspect the float needle valve and seat for wear or contamination. Replace these components as a set.

Ignition System


B.    Description

Swing Arm


A. Inspection

1, Free play inspection

Remove the rear wheel and both shock absorbers. Grasp the swing arm and try to move it from side to side as shown.

Swing arm free play: 1.0 mm (0.04 in)

Battery and Fuel sender

1. Checking

If the battery shows the following defects, it should be replaced.

a.   The battery voltage will not rise to a specific value or no gassing occurs in any cell even after many hours of charging.

b.  Sulfaction of one or more cells is indicated by the plates turning white or an accumulation of material in the bottom of the cell.

Parts Diagram -- Clutch


Front Forks


A. Removal and disassembly

Securely support the motorcycle so there is no danger of it falling over.

1.    Remove the cowling assembly.

Steering Head


A.   Adjustment

Refer to "D. Reassembly" for steering head adjustment procedure.

B.   Removal

1. Remove the cowling assembly, meters, horn, front wheel, front forks, handlebar cover and handlebars.


Air Cleaner and Crankcase Ventilation System

Fresh air