750RL (Seca)

TCI Identification

The following is a guide to determing if a used TCI is appropriate for a given machine:


Final gear Disassembly and Reassembly

Final gear disassembly

1.      Remove the nuts and bolts holding the bearing housing.

2.      Remove the ring gear assembly and thrust washer from the final gear case.

3. Remove the self-locking nut from drive pinion by using the holding tool (special tool) and remove the coupling.

Middle Gear


a. Middle gear lash 0 2 mm (0.008 in)

d. Measure the gap between the driven gear bearing housing flange and the crankcase with a feeler gauge. This is the shim size required.

Cylinder, Head and Valves

Cylinder head cover

Place head cover on a surface plate. There should be no warpage. Correct by re-surfacing as follows:

Place # 400 or # 600 grit wet sandpaper on surface plate and re-surface head cover using a figure-eight sanding pattern. Rotate head cover several times to avoid removing too much material from one side.

Cylinder head

Clutch and Handlebars adjustment

Clutch adjustment

This model has two clutch cable length adjusters. The cable length adjusters are used to take up slack from cable stretch and to provide sufficient free play for proper clutch operation. Normally, once the clutch cable length adjuster (crankcase) is properly set; the only adjustment required is maintenance of free play at the clutch cable length adjuster (handlebar lever).

Cylinder Head, Cylinder and Piston

Cylinder head and cylinder

1.      Remove the cylinder head cover.

2.      Remove the left crankcase cover (pickup coil cover).

3.      Remove the cam chain tensioner.

Fuel Petcock

Fuel petcock cleaning

1.      Turn the fuel petcock lever to the "RES". Remove the fuel pipe from the fuel petcock.

2.      Remove the seat, the fuel tank clamp, and the fuel-tank-retainer plate.

3.      Lift the tank and remove the drain cover and clean it with solvent. If gasket is damaged, replace.

Oil pump, Clutch and Starter drive

Oil pump

1. Check the clearance between housing and outer rotor.

Standard clearance: 0.03 — 0.09 mm (0.0012 — 0.0035 in)

2. Check the clearance between outer rotor and inner rotor.

Standard clearance: 0.03 — 0.08 mm (0.0012 — 0.0031 in)

3. Check the plunger for scratches and wear.

Pistons, Cylinder and Head

11. Pistons and cylinder

a. Install the pistons on the rods. The arrow on the piston must point to the front of the engine.

NOTE: Before installing the piston pin clips, cover the crankcase with a clean rag so you will not accidentally drop the circlip into the crank-case. Always install new piston pin circlips.




1. The fluid level should be between the upper and lower level marks. Use only distillod water if refilling is necessary.

CAUTION: Normal tap water contains minerals which are harmful to a battery; therefore, refill only with distilled water.