Remounting the Engine


1. Reverse the applicable removal steps to reinstall.

CAUTION: Always use new bolts in the drive shaft coupling.

2. Install and tighten the engine mounting bolts.

Engine mounting bolt torque:

8 mm bolt: 2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb) 
10 mm bolt: 4.2 m-kg (30.4 ft-lb) 
12 mm bolt: 7.0 m-kg (50.6 ft-lb)

3. Install the oil filter element into the filter cover and install a new "O-ring". Make sure the "O-ring" is positioned properly.

1. O-ring

Oil filter mounting bolt torque: 1.5 m-kg (11.0 ft-lb)

4. Install and tighten the engine oil drain plug and middle gear drain plug.

Engine oil drain plug torque: 4.3 m-kg (31.0 ft-lb)

Middle gear drain plug torque: 2.4 m-kg (17.5 ft-lb)

5. Add oil to the engine and middle gear case.

Oil quantities: 3.6L (3.8 US. qt.)

NOTE: The oil quantities are for an overhauled engine.