Cam Chain Adjustment

The cam chain becomes stretched with use, resulting in improper valve timing and engine noise. To prevent this, the cam chain ten-sioner must be adjusted regularly.

1.    Remove the timing plate cover.

2.    Slowly rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise until the "C" mark on the timing plate aligns with the stationary pointer.

3. Loosen the tensioner lock nut and then loosen the stopper bolt. This releases the cam chain tensioner with the proper tension.

1. Lock nut 2. Stopper bolt

4. Tighten the stopper bolt and lock nut.

Stopper bolt torque: 0.6 m-kg (4.3 ft-lb) Lock nut torque:         0.9 m-kg (6.5 ft-lb)

5. Reinstall the timing plate cover.